Rudyard Kipling House - Dummerston, VT

Historic Restoration of "Naulaka", Rudyard Kipling's home in Dummerston, Vermont, for the Landmark Trust, a British non-profit that renovates historic properties, and runs short term rentals to visitors to raise funds for maintenance of their their properties and for the purchase of new properties. Kipling married Caroline Balestier, from Brattleboro, Vermont in 1892, and the following year bought the eleven acre plot of land in Dummerston and had the house constructed. The unusual long and narrow form of the building reflects Kipling's desire to have his house be like a ship, with his study and second floor balcony at the helm. He and his wife lived there for only four years before moving back to England. The historic renovations were based on this time period in the house's life. Subsequent additions, such as two two-story additions built on the west side of the house circa 1914, along with a slate roof on the entire house were removed, and the house was restored to the way it was during Kipling's period of residence. We were fortunate to have the original architect's drawings of the house to guide some of this work. In addition to the extensive interior and exterior historical restoration, a period appropriate kitchen was designed and constructed to accommodate the short term rental functions of the building. More photos coming.

In partnership w/ Phil Bannister and David Ryan.