Hank Reisen

Hank Reisen is a principal of Reisen Design Associates.  After receiving a BA in Art, he worked for many years as a carpenter and builder before returning to graduate school at MIT in the 1970s, where he received his Masters of Architecture. His hands on building experience informs his work with materials, structure, and green building technology, his study of art and architecture and years of design practice aid his sense of compostiion and proportion, and his decades of research and study of “feng shui” and traditional Asian architecture focuses his design work on the creation of “the spirit of place”. In addition to design practice, he has taught graduate level architectural design at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and has served as a visiting critic for studio reviews at RISD, Harvard, MIT, BAC, Wentworth, and other New England area architecture schools.


Scheri Fultineer

Scheri Fultineer is a principal of Reisen Design Asscociates, as well as an Associate Professor at  RISD, where she  currently is the head of the Landscape Architecture department.  Her knowledge of landscape planning and design at diverse scales, years of research into the ways that cultural practices influence the shaping of the landscape, and a lively interest in the contemporary challenge of incorporating sustainability into our practices. informs both her design work and her teaching. She has provided consulting, master planning and design services to a variety of clients ranging from religious organizations seeking to establish contemplative campuses in remote and ecologically sensitive sites to residential landowners. She holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School.